Tuesday , 21 January 2020
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World’s largest crane simulator
The simulator was a multi-year project.

World’s largest crane simulator

The simulator uses a 10 metre dome and 12 projectors to create what the company claims to be “the most realistic immersive virtual training environment arenas in the world”.  Much of the realism comes from detailed customisation to replicate the layout of the Port of Casablanca, matching the cranes used and even the city’s skyline, complete with the pointed spires of mosques.

“Building the arena for ANP was an interesting project,” says John Olsen, one of the lead engineers from Kongsberg GlobalSim. “The port is close to the Hassan II mosque and because of this we inserted a full 3D model of the mosque into the scene, which is visible from the cab. We also have ground markings and rail placement to match the actual crane models and give the simulator a realistic area in which to work”.

The company also claims that the system is one of the most diverse in the world, being able to simulate six different crane models; this means that it can be used in the morning to train ship-to-shore crane operators and then in the afternoon can be used to train straddle carrier operators.

Providing the real look and feel of using the simulated equipment, the system features authentic controls, a full cab and an inverted six degree-of-freedom motion base mounted above the cab. It is integrated into its training regime, through which ANP expects to dramatically reduce both the training time required to produce competent operators and the number of accidents caused by poor handling of heavy port equipment.