Tuesday , 28 January 2020
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Antwerp Port Authority (APA) has approved the setting up of a rail operator Antwerp Railport, to develop distributed transport within the port area. The public limited company will concentrate on further developing distributed transport within the port area.

Antwerp approves setting up Railport

In view of the difficulties that port operators currently face in organising distributed transport, the APA has approved Antwerp Railport to be set up in collaboration with Essenscia (the Belgian federation of chemistry and life sciences industries) and Alfaport (the federation of port companies and logistics operators). The new rail operator will tackle the challenges involved in improving the continuity and quality of distributed transport within the port. In this way the Port Authority seeks to assure the competitive logistical and industrial position of the port.

The APA believes that the constant availability of a properly functioning distribution system for rail traffic would give the port a unique advantage and make it considerably more attractive. At the moment there are four options for the new company ranging from simply coordinating distributed transport, to acting as a full-blown rail haulage company.

The final choice will depend on the degree to which companies and sectors in the port are involved in further economic and industrial development.