Hammar buys TRT’s Sideloader business

Hammar buys TRT’s Sideloader business
The TRT 3-crane Sideloader will now be produced by Hammar New Zealand.

A leading manufacturer of Sideloaders, Hammar has concentrated on producing models that feature a pair of cranes designed for handling containers with SWL (Safe Working Load) up to 45 tonnes.

However, with many containers empty or lighter than 15 tonnes it is sometimes inefficient and costly to transport them with a Sideloader designed for fully loaded containers. Around 20 years ago TRT came up with a solution and designed the 3-crane Sideloader to be able to lift and transport one 40ft or two 20ft light containers.

The TRT 3-crane Sideloader was designed to be pulled by a single drive prime mover at lower capital cost than larger trailers. It has a low twist-lock height for Hi Cube containers and its low tare weight results in greater productivity.

With TRT concentrating on other parts of its business, the company has agreed to sell the 3-crane Sideloader to Hammar, which has been looking at a similar concept.

The deal means the development and production of the former TRT 3-crane Sideloader will shift to the Hammar factory at Takanini, South Auckland.

Fred Sandberg, managing director of Hammar New Zealand said: “The TRT 3-crane Sideloader is well proven, with a good reputation in the market and it will fit well into the Hammar model programme.

“I believe it has a good future, especially with the way traditional Sideloaders will need to be set up as 4-axle trailers, pulled by 4-axle trucks and registered as an HPV vehicle, which will also have an impact on RUC charges. Such a unit may turn out to be quite expensive to use for moving an empty or lightweight box. I am convinced this will open up a growing market for the middle range Sideloaders.”

The move will lead to an expansion of production at the Hammar factory in South Auckland. Hammar is also looking to increase the size of its plant and has applied to the council for planning permission to extend the factory to boost floor space with the aim of adding at least another two production lines.