Wednesday , 18 September 2019
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Slick tyre replacement
Tyre replacement can be cut by up to 70%

Slick tyre replacement

The company has evolved from only servicing forklifts to become a specialised supplier and service partner for lifting equipment, including that for PSA Antwerp’s operations the Port of Antwerp.  This recently included supplying three Sany reachstackers.  At the same time, the company offered PSA a free test of the ‘Just Easy Gripper 2160’.

Although being capable of being used on other port handling equipment, to test the ability of the machine Jeroen Mertens suggested using it on a straddle carrier.  “A straddle carrier was the hardest test we could find, as the bolts and the tight space around the tyres can be a little tricky to handle,” he said.

Fitted to a forklift truck, it took the operator just 40 seconds to pick-up a tyre, placed it over the axle and fit it on the bolts, ready for the nuts to be fastened, which took a couple of minutes to complete the job.

Manufactured by Just Easy Tools of Denmark, in addition to optimising workflow, the unit was primarily designed to improve the working environment by reducing the daily strains on the workers handling large tyres, whilst minimising the risks of serious accidents.

The unit was developed to meet the ISO 13849 standards.  “This set of standards is so tough in terms of safety, that the implementation in most countries has  been postponed to 2015”, engineer Karlo Brondbjerg from Just Easy Tools explained.  He added that the company had chosen to work to the toughest standards, as safety for the users was one of its prime concerns.