Pair convicted of breaching Bromma’s copyright

Pair convicted of breaching Bromma’s copyright

The pair, Lars Karlsson and Christopher Landin, had been suspected since 2011, when police searched the premises of SweFrame Port Equipment AB and confiscated Bromma drawings and other company material.

Karlsson was also convicted of breaching of data secrecy.

SweFrame was founded in 2010 by a group of former Bromma employees, with the two companies active in the same market.

The breach of data secrecy was conducted during the period Karlsson served as the head of research and development at Bromma and the copyright violations occurred shortly after the pair took up positions at SweFrame.

The court’s verdicts included an order to forfeit a computer and certain Bromma documents which the police had confiscated in connection with its search of SweFrame’s premises.

In a statement, Bromma said it welcomed the verdict. “The evidence against the convicted individuals was strong but the investigation process has taken a long time. It is relieving to see that the legal system and the national laws serves in protecting the assets developed by serious actors investing in product development“, said the company’s president Per-Anders Holmström.