Friday , 13 December 2019
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Phoenix Products announces the SturdiLED
The SturdiLED

Phoenix Products announces the SturdiLED

The mid-level LED floodlight has either an AC or DC driver with multiple output options ranging from 1600 to 2900 lumens. The two optical packages, 28° and 45°, accommodate a variety of applications including gantry lights, maintenance platforms, straddle carriers, and various other terminal applications.

The company utilises marine-grade die cast aluminium housing with a powder coat finish to protect against corrosion. The series also has a replaceable, impact-resistant, and UV-stable lens, as well as a conformal coated circuit board and fully potted driver. The shock mount base is designed to deliver durability and vibration resistance.

“We have analyzed the most demanding environments in the world and designed the SturdiLED to meet the challenges that these fixtures encounter,” said Yazi Fletcher, Phoenix’s chief technical officer.

The company claims that the series provides significant maintenance reduction, energy savings, and instant-on lighting to reduce downtime. The floodlight is 18W-37W and replaces up to 100W HID floodlights. A Deutsch connector is also offered on DC models for ease of installation.