Saturday , 14 December 2019
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LSCT integrates more rail services
Santo Stefano di Magra, part of the La Spezia rail system

LSCT integrates more rail services

Together with other terminals, LSCT and eight network-related stakeholders (including Sogemar and Oceanogate Italia), have joined together with the shared objective of guaranteeing greater efficiency and an increased rail-operation capacity.

Whilst customers already benefit from an efficient terminal and port rail system in the port, the newly formed company will further enhance “the end to end processing of rail bound containers in the port.” The most tangible advantage will be that a single entity, rather than an interrelated pool of companies, will now manage the entire rail shunting operation, comprising both primary and secondary shunting activities.

LSSR operations will connect the three rail facilities of Marittima, Migliarina and Santo Stefano di Magra, where La Spezia container and multipurpose terminals process rail container operations, with the dockside. Contship’s terminal development plan will also provide additional on-dock rail capacity that will benefit the terminal’s stakeholders by increasing the share of rail traffic from around 30% to 50% in the future.

Within many Italian ports (excepting La Spezia), many challenges exist for customers in achieving efficient connections from port rail marshalling stations to the terminals. Accordingly the intention of LSSR is not only to further improve the existing port rail operation but to achieve an additional competitive advantage for LSCT clients.