Friday , 17 January 2020
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Direct Kiel-Duisburg rail link to open
The journey time between Kiel and Duisburg will be about eight hours

Direct Kiel-Duisburg rail link to open

The 490 m long trains will make 24 slots available per departure for loadable trailers, or 48 slots for containers and swap-bodies.  They will be operated by Kombiverkehr KG of Frankfurt, which will serve both Kiel’s Schwedenkai Terminal and Ostuferhafen.  The journey time to the DUSS Terminal in Duisburg-Ruhrort will be about eight hours.

Dr Dirk Claus, managing director of the Port of Kiel, said: “This shuttle train service is a further building block in our port’s hinterland links.  It means that Kiel can now be reached even faster and, for the first time, directly by rail from the Ruhr”.

“With this new direct train link and the direct link between Kiel and Verona established last year, we are acknowledging the growing significance of the Port in Baltic transport”, said Peter Dannewitz, head of sales at Kombiverkehr.

“The direct link with Duisburg further increases our transport capacity and also relieves the daily intermodal rail shuttle service between Kiel and Hamburg-Billwerder, with its connections to many national Kombiverkehr destinations,” he added.

Along with Baltic and Scandinavian transit traffic, the terminals in Kiel will also handle local freight consignments; the catchment area will be central and western Schleswig-Holstein including the German-Danish border region.  Port of Kiel aims to transport an additional 5,000 consignments by rail in the coming year.

From January, carriers and forwarders will also benefit from ferry-oriented travel time improvements on the Kiel-Verona direct rail link, enabling consignments arriving in Italy to be collected 11 hours earlier than previously.