Sunday , 26 January 2020
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RAM tandem head-blocks and spreaders for DP World ports
RAM’s Singflex head-block can handle tandem and quad lifts

RAM tandem head-blocks and spreaders for DP World ports

DP World (DPW) has placed orders with RAM Spreaders for a total of 27 head-blocks and 40 spreaders for use at its DP World London Gateway terminal in the UK, and Phase III of its Jebel Ali container terminal in Dubai.

In the UK, eight ‘Singflex’ tandem head-blocks and 18 ‘CentreSpread’ twin-lift ship-to-shore (STS) crane spreaders have been ordered; these will be fitted with RAM’s innovative ‘ShockAbsorb’ for noise and impact suppression.  To support the growing trade at its Dubai-based terminal, DPW has also ordered a further 19 Singflex and 40 CentreSpread units.

In addition, the company has ordered 50 automated rail mounted gantry (ARMG) cranes equipped with RAM Model 3970 ‘All-Electric’ ‘CentreSpread’ telescopic spreaders, fitted with hi-torque electric flippers.

To support this major Middle East order and the growing fleet of spreaders in the region, RAM has appointed William Job as regional technical manager, to be based in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, to provide local support in Dubai as well as Oman, Yemen, Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait and Egypt.

In addition, the company has signed an agreement with World Crane Services (WCS), again based in Jebel Ali, to stock and distribute spare parts to regional customers to help reduce lead times.

“As spreaders are becoming more technically advanced, it is important to have spare parts on hand to provide a fast response time to local clients.  A large stock holding in Dubai allows fast response to the spare parts needs in UAE and our regional clients,” explained RAM’s CEO, Philip Lee.