Gloria shows off her new features at CeMAT

Gloria shows off her new features at CeMAT
Gloria has a choice of features to improve performance and profitability

Kalmar has highlighted the performance and safety features of its G-generation reachstackers, (Gloria) at the CeMAT exhibition in Hannover, Germany.

Less than one year since launch and with some thirty different models available, Gloria reachstackers have a comprehensive choice of features to improve performance and profitability with safety and environmental enhancements for any operation. 

Saving fuel and the environment

With a 45 tonne lift capacity, stacking up to 6 high (5 high on the intermodal), Kalmar says that Gloria is the most fuel efficient reachstacker on the market today with a choice of different ECO driving modes contributing up to 20% fuel savings. A 10% fuel saving and reduction in emissions can be achieved with the new automatic start/stop function.

Reduced total cost of ownership

Simpler routine maintenance with longer service intervals significantly contributes to lower ownership costs which can be reduced even further by replacing the normal mechanical transmission with a Kalmar Power Split (KPS) solution which is soon to come to the market.

Also coming soon is Kalmar’s Tyre Life eXtension (TLX) drive axle option which contributes to reduced operating costs by allowing independent rotation of each drive wheel that reduces tyre wear whilst improving manoeuvrability and fuel efficiency.

Kalmar’s Powersplit drive line allows optimised drive characteristics over the entire speed range, providing more efficient handling and increased throughput with up to 40% fuel and emission savings. This new green technology will also soon be available.

Smart safety features

The Personal Proximity System detects unexpected obstacles approaching from out of view. Additionally, Gloria features a Reverse Aid Warning System. Equipped with external sensors and a reversing camera integrated into the rear counterweight, it covers an area from 50cm up to 9m. It provides a warning via an ultrasound and an interior display, should the system detect an obstruction.

Safety is further enhanced with a new optional automatic fire suppression system, fire alarm and fire extinguisher. The fire suppression system also works as a fire alarm with a warning lamp inside the cabin.

The Control System allows optimisation of safety settings by defining limits to drive speeds, as well as setting lift height restrictions, load centre controls and more.

Unrivalled working environment

Highlights of the EGO cabin include Kalmar’s side-tilting steering wheel and ergonomically designed joystick control. With 90% all-round visibility, the operator now has the best view ever of the working area. There is also a head-up display with LED indicator, electronic climate control adjustable for different environmental conditions. 

Maximum uptime

Kalmar Gloria reachstackers are equipped with fuel-efficient, high-performance power trains and reliable, low-emission Volvo EU stage 3B or Cummins EU stage 3A engines, which are prepared for EU Stage 4 and EPA Tier 4 final compliance.

According to Kalmar, it is the only manufacturer to offer as standard, an electrical redundant CAN bus control system which locates and automatically corrects any possible failures in the CAN bus operation until the next planned service is due. 

Mikael Persson, Vice President, Reachstackers and Empty Container Handlers at Kalmar said: “Kalmar’s Gloria represents a true milestone in reachstacker design (and is) without doubt, the best machine we’ve ever built.”