Wednesday , 19 September 2018
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New Model 5 variant from Terex
The Model 5 rounds out the medium-sized crane family

New Model 5 variant from Terex

Terex Port Solutions (TPS) now offers the diesel-electric Terex® Gottwald Model 5 harbour crane in a high tower variant in addition to its standard short tower variant.

Compared to the short tower design, the new tower variant has been extended by 4.3m. As a result, the height of the boom pivot point has been increased from 16.7 m to 21 m and the viewing height of the crane driver from 22 m to 26.3 m. Thanks to the modified crane geometry, terminal operators now have a Model 5 crane option that can load and unload vessels up to post-Panamax class with higher container stacks on deck.

Andreas Moeller, sales director harbour cranes at TPS, explained that the new variant was a response to feedback from customers.

“The Model 5 crane was well received from the start. However, several terminal operators also expressed to us that they would like a Model 5 harbour crane that is even more flexible in terms of applications than the crane in its current short tower configuration.

“With the new variant, we are now proving that we can also adapt these products just as quickly and consistently to specific new situations,” he added.

A year ago, with the introduction of the Model 5 harbour crane – offering maximum lifting capacity up to 125 t, radius up to 51 m and hoist speeds up to a maximum of 120 m/min – TPS completed the high end of its medium-sized crane family. Before then, this family consisted of the Model 3 and Model 4 harbour cranes, whose functional and compact design the Model 5 crane shares and combines with the operational capabilities of the even more powerful large crane family.