Wednesday , 22 May 2019
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Hybrid technology impresses at MSC home Terminal
Kalmar's hybrid straddles at MSC Home Terminal

Hybrid technology impresses at MSC home Terminal

Kalmar’s hybrid straddle carriers have set a benchmark for fuel consumption and emissions in operation at MSC Home Terminal in Antwerp, Belgium.

The manufacturer delivered seven new straddle carriers to the terminal in early 2014, including one new-generation hybrid machine. In March, the company received an additional order for six ESC 350 straddle carriers. These machines will be delivered later this year.

MSC Home Terminal, Antwerp, Belgium, owned 50/50 by PSA and TIL, is the most important European hub for MSC. The container terminal has a capacity of 5.4m teu and is managed by 24 ship-to-shore (STS) cranes and 127 straddle carriers.

During one month of operation, the terminal has seen a 37% decrease in fuel consumption with the new straddles compared to a conventional diesel-electric machine. The results show an average fuel consumption level of 12.3 litres per hour. This reduces the carbon dioxide emission by 97 tonnes per year compared to a traditional machine.

Dr Tero Kokko, vice president, horizontal transportation at Kalmar, said: “The hybrid straddle carrier’s regenerative energy system converts electrical braking and spreader lowering energy into electric power that is stored by the battery technology. An automated start-stop system chooses the optimal balance between engine and battery power. The new system can deliver a remarkable 40% decrease in fuel consumption compared to existing machines.”

The hybrid straddle carrier is equipped with a new active stability control system and ensures smooth and safe driving by continuously monitoring speed, turn radius and the spreader’s position, slowing the vehicle automatically when needed. The redesigned cabin features improvements in ergonomics and safety, such as electrically operating rotatable chair and excellent visibility with less night-time reflections.