Thursday , 19 September 2019
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A change at the top for BTP
Henry Robinson

A change at the top for BTP

Brasil Terminal Portuário (BTP) has announced a management change, with current CEO, Henry Robinson, set to join the executive group of Terminal Investment Limited (TIL) – which owns 50% of BTP shares – and will also remain as a member of  the terminal’s board of directors.

Executive Antonio Passaro will become the terminal’s new CEO. Holding Uruguayan and Dutch citizenship, he has extensive experience in the port and maritime market, having previously managed a number of container terminals in various locations across, Europe, South America, Asia and Africa.

Robinson will remain at BTP during the transitional period in charge of institutional relations and interaction with the government and other sector entities, in order to guarantee the continuity of that part of the business that depends on government initiatives. During the transition he will be the “link” between those entities and BTP’s new administration.

In charge of BTP since its inception stage in 2007, Robinson was responsible for implementation of the terminal at the Port of Santos. On the way he headed the process of environmental remediation of one of the largest environmental liabilities in the State of São Paulo, an area before known as “Alemoa’s dump”. BTP officially inaugurated its terminal in November 2013.

“With the completion of this first stage, which refers to the delivery of one of the most modern port terminals in Brazil and important player in the port segment, I feel ready to take up new roles in the Group,” said Robinson. “The new CEO will arrive with his extensive expertise to contribute to the company’s growth.”

With approximately 800 employees, BTP reinforces the commitment to maintain its growth trajectory in the country, always focused on improving the port sector. The terminal, located on the right bank of the Port of Santos, is a joint venture between APM Terminals and TIL.