Friday , 24 January 2020
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Port of Liverpool to automate its gate
Implementation at the Port of Liverpool is expected by early 2015

Port of Liverpool to automate its gate

The Port of Liverpool, operated by Peel Ports, is to install Kalmar’s automated gate system, which it hopes will reduce waiting times and administration for hauliers and produce faster turnarounds. The implementation is scheduled for completion by early next year.

Investment in the SmartLane system is part of a £5.5m package of improvements to port infrastructure. With the £300m deep-water Liverpool2 expansion due to open next year, the automated gate system will strengthen the port-side logistics required to support increased cargo volumes.

The system uses identification technologies to manage gate operations for trucks, ensuring that all containers and trucks are automatically identified before entering or exiting the terminal. The optical character recognition (OCR) cameras, provided by Kalmar’s partner APS Technology, capture the truck registration and container IDs.

Currently a manual system is in place, requiring drivers to register at a site office, where they complete a form and wait for clearance before entering. One installed the new system will streamline the process from entry to loading or unloading.

David Huck, port director for Peel Ports Liverpool, said: “We operate in an increasingly competitive market and our customers require logistics solutions that reduce costs, carbon emissions and congestion… Haulier transactions will be fully integrated into our latest terminal operating systems, facilitating secure and efficient visits and minimising turnaround times at our terminals.”

The SmartLane system is part of the manufacturer’s SmartPort range that aims to drive greater efficiencies through process automation, designed to optimise the information flows within the terminal’s business processes to ensure the most efficient equipment utilisation.