Sunday , 19 January 2020
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Yilport selected for Sjursøya container terminal
Yilport won against four other operators

Yilport selected for Sjursøya container terminal

The Port of Oslo has chosen the Turkish logistics and industrial company Yilport Holding as the new container terminal operator of the Sjursøya container terminal in the port.

Yilport won the bid against four other international port operators and will take over operations either later this year or in early 2015, with a 20 year concession and the option for a 10 year extension.

This will be the second Scandinavian facility in which the Turkish company will have an interest, having acquired an 80% stake in the Gävle Container Terminal, the second largest and one of the most effectively run container terminals in Sweden in May 2014.  Yilport operates two container terminals in Turkey and also has a 50% stake in Malta Freeport Terminal.

“We have chosen Yilport Holding because we believe they are the best choice to operate and develop the largest and most modern container terminal in Norway,” said port director, Anne Sigrid Hamran.

“The Port of Oslo aims to be a competitive and efficient port for the future.  Our goal is to receive twice as much cargo as we do today, in order to supply an ever-growing population in the Oslo area. Yilport Holding was selected based on both economic and commercial criteria,” she added.

The new operator will lease space and cranes from the Port of Oslo and hold employer responsibility for the crane operators, which until now have been employed by the Port Authority.  Its Board decided in October 2013 that the crane operators should all be transferred to the new terminal operator through a business transfer to provide a more efficient and smooth operation at the terminal.

“We anticipate that collaboration will be easier when terminal employees and crane operators have one employer only. This way of organising the workforce at the terminal is considered to be vital for the competitiveness and effectiveness of the port,” explained the port director.

In a statement the Port acknowledged that obtaining a new employer can be experienced as an uncertain and challenging situation by employees, but stressed that Yilport has a policy of hiring local terminal managers.  Moreover, all negotiation process must comply with Norwegian law generally and not least Norwegian labour laws.