Wednesday , 22 January 2020
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Haiphong Port order six additional Terex E-RTGs

Even before the initial order of 12 twelve rubber tyred gantry (E-RTG) cranes have been delivered to Haiphong Port in Vietnam, the company has placed a follow-up order with Terex Port Solutions (TPS) for a further six identical machines.

The first cranes, which were ordered in September 2013, are expected to start operations at the port from the end of this year; the additional machines will be delivered from mid-2015.   All 18 cranes are being manufactured at the TPS facility in Xiamen, China.

All the E-RTGs will have a 40-tonne lifting capacity under spreader and a hoisting height of 18 m, the machines will stack 1-over-5 across six rows of containers and a truck lane.  Each E-RTG will be powered from the terminal’s electricity supply through cable reel, eliminating exhaust emissions coupled with reduced noise.

The second order is in response to the rapid development of the second largest port in Vietnam, which is located 100 km east of the capital Hanoi.  “Our port has developed into the main goods transport hub between Vietnam, Laos and China and is showing enormous growth rates,” said Phung Xuan Ha, chairman of Haiphong Port.

“The close co-operation we have with TPS in combination with the technological offering, confirmed our decision and encouraged us to take this option [of additional machines] now in order to logically further extend the capacities of our terminals,” he added.

“Vietnam is new territory for our RTGs and the fact that there will be 18 in operation from 2015 shows enormous confidence in our technology,” said Maurizio Altieri, general manager, TPS Xiamen.