Friday , 17 January 2020
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NYNJ approves intermodal investment

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has approved a US$356m investment programme to improve the rail connectivity of the port’s container terminals.

Global Terminal in New Jersey which will operate and maintain the facility and contribute around US$15m for rail-mounted gantry cranes, will be able to send and receive containers by rail as next-door Greenville Yard will be redeveloped to include a new ExpressRail facility.

The facility  is expected to  be operational by July 2016 and have an annual capacity of 125,000 cargo container lifts a year;  there will be a charge on every container passing through it.

The authority is also expanding the ExpressRail facility at Port Newark Container Terminal from two loading tracks to four, enabling the terminal to handle 250,000 rail boxes per year.

The port’s cross-harbour car float system will also be improved. This system involves freight being loaded onto railcars, which will then  be moved by marine rail barge ‘carfloat’ from Greenville, east to rail yards in Brooklyn, where they will be delivered to local customers or transferred to a connecting railway.

This system will be upgraded with: two new transfer bridges at Greenville; two new larger car floats, capable of transporting 18 railcars each, and up to four ultra-low emission locomotives to replace existing ones.