Wednesday , 18 September 2019
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Phoenix introduces the EcoMod 450

Phoenix Products has introduced what it calls ‘its brightest idea yet’ – the EcoMod 450 LED floodlight, suitable for use in ports and terminals.

The fixture is the latest edition to the company’s EcoMod series; with an output of up to 41,250 lumens the new model replaces up to 1500W HID conventional floodlights and can be used in new or retrofit installations, achieving up to 70% energy savings.

Using EcoVent™ technology, the life of the fixture is extended by allowing heat, water and debris to flow between the modules.   The unit can also reduce maintenance, while its ‘instant-on’ reduces downtime.

Incorporating marine grade extruded aluminium housing and modules, the unit has impact- and UV-resistant lenses, fully potted drivers and also comes with 20 kV of surge protection; a safety cable offers options for continuous row mounting and customised bolt patterns.

Ryan Hertel, global manager for ports and terminals at Phoenix, said: “The EcoMod series has been specifically engineered to meet the demands of container and bulk handling equipment, expanding the potential for terminals to retrofit existing cranes, while offering the highest light output to meet the demands of increasing crane heights on new equipment orders.”