Friday , 20 September 2019
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Additional Terex E-RTGs bound for Ningbo
The new units will be commissioned next year

Additional Terex E-RTGs bound for Ningbo

Terex Port Solutions (TPS) will supply ten of electric rubber-tyred gantry cranes to Ningbo Port Co. Ltd. (Ningbo) in China. The cranes will be delivered in two batches to Ningbo’s Yuandong Terminal in the Port of Ningbo, situated some 100 km south of Shanghai.

The first six units will be commissioned in June 2015, the remaining four in October 2015. The new cranes will be manufactured at the TPS facility in Xiamen, China. The latest deliveries will take the number of the company’s cranes operating in seven terminals of Ningbo to 177.

Relations between Ningbo and TPS began in 1999. The initial order included 12 standard RTG cranes delivered to the Beilun Terminal. At that time, the terminal was one of only two operated by Ningbo.

The new cranes do not generate any local exhaust emissions and only low noise emission as they are supplied with power from the terminal’s electricity supply via overhead power lines. Other E-RTGs in Ningbo’s fleet are configured for power supply via cable reel or bus bar, depending on the infrastructure in the respective terminal

The company said that its RTGs are currently in high demand in China and in other markets in Asia. One of the drivers is the demand on many terminal operators to achieve higher efficiency in combination with an eco-friendly operation. The manufacturer’s RTGs can stack up to 1-over-6 high-cube containers and can be configured with spans that cover up to seven container rows and a road-truck lane, with a lifting capacity under spreader of up to 65 tonnes.

The new cranes for Ningbo will have a lifting capacity under spreader of 40.6 tonnes, with a hoisting height of 18.24 m. They will stack 1-over-5 standard containers and, due to a span of 23.47 m, cover six rows of containers and a truck lane.