Monday , 23 September 2019
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New Zealand port regains second berth

Rebuilding of the first 57 m section of Cashin Quay 2’s wharf at the Lyttelton Port of Christchurch has finished, providing a second container vessel berth for the first time since the port suffered severe damage in an earthquake four years ago.

Vessels have already begun using the new quay, which is being reconstructed in stages. By late April it should reach 101 m and the entire 230 m-long wharf should be in use at year end.

“The new Cashin Quay 2 wharf is an important part of planning effectively for future growth and customer service,” said the New Zealand port’s CEO, Peter Davie. “It will be a development milestone, increasing capacity for the container terminal, boosting the number of berths available and providing increased operational efficiency for customers.”

The port authority said the construction project includes driving more than 250 piles into the seabed and tying them to the wharf with steel anchor rods, which is stronger than the previous wharf and gives a high level of seismic resilience.