Friday , 17 January 2020
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Santos introduces real-time information app for shippers

Santos Brasil has launched a free application which allows importers and exporters to request services and locate cargo through their smartphones and tablets in real time.

The application is now available to the customers of Tecon Santos container terminal and two Logistic and Industrial Customs Centres (CLIAs), located in Santos and Guarujá. It replaces tasks that were previously performed through websites or email.

Wagner Toffoli, Santos Brasil’s commercial director of logistics said: “The major difference is that, with the application, customers can follow each of the ships arriving and leaving from the port and be warned about the time the ship docks or leaves the terminal.”

Importers, exporters and forwarding agents can register and check the positioning of containers and the weight, loading and unloading dates and current status of containers stored at the facilities.

Customers can also query bookings and monitor the mooring list of ships at Tecon Santos, which is also accessible to all company stakeholders in the application’s home page.

Carriers that provide services for client’s terminals can also access the new tool and a checklist of all import declarations for loads nationalised at each terminals.

The company said that it expects 10% of systems operations made by customers to migrate to the new application within one year and 20% in two or three years.

Abbruzzini Filho, Santos Brasil director of information technology said: The application brings a great advantage, especially for forwarding agents who need mobility and spend a lot of time away from the office.”

He continued: “In addition to using the app for queries, they can also receive notifications about the completion of services in real time, the customer can request a registration and be informed of completion the minute it takes place.”