Kalmar launches two new products at TOC Europe

Kalmar launches two new products at TOC Europe

At the heart of Kalmar’s next generation ASC system is its 5th generation automatic stacking crane (ASC) which, being 10% lighter than the previous generation, reduces energy consumption and offers savings in operational costs. Maintenance access, ergonomics and usability have been significantly improved with a single-platform machinery trolley, segregated transformer house and a more spacious e-house. New AC drives that control IE2 class motors improve the energy efficiency, and also ensure spare parts availability throughout the future lifecycle of the system.

According to the company, optimised terminal performance can be realised with an end-to-end automation solution comprising automated truck handling on the landside, AutoShuttles as a horizontal transportation system on the quayside and 5th generation Kalmar ASCs, all integrated by Kalmar TLS automation.

“With our latest investment finalised by 2016, we will have a complete end-to-end ASC automation system in-house featuring the new 5th generation ASC crane. This testing setup is expected to cut core system integration time by at least 20%” said Raimo Ukkonen, Vice President, ASCs, Kalmar.

Two for TraPac

Two new 5th generation ASCs have been ordered for the expansion of TraPac’s automated terminal in Los Angeles. The cranes will join a fleet of 27 Kalmar ASCs and 28 Kalmar automated straddle carriers managed by the Kalmar TLS equipment control system. The new ASCs will be delivered in 2016 and they are expected to be commissioned by the end of the year.

Kalmar and TraPac partnered about four years ago when TraPac decided to modernise the terminal and introduce automated operations.

OneTerminal from Kalmar and Navis

The Kalmar OneTerminal is an integrated automation solution for container terminals comprising Kalmar and Navis software, equipment and services. Kalmar says that it is the first integrated offering under one roof combining software systems, equipment and services both during project implementation and after the go-live. OneTerminal makes automation accessible, mitigates the risks involved and helps customers realise the full potential of their terminal operations.

Whether implementing a greenfield terminal or converting an existing one, Kalmar OneTerminal ensures that all automation systems work together optimally,” said Andy Barrons, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer at Navis.

Kalmar OneTerminal offers initial concepts for ASCs, AutoStrad and AutoRTG terminals based on the integrated combination of the Navis N4 terminal operating system (TOS) and Kalmar’s terminal logistic system TLS. A OneTerminal project will cover the automation of the container handling equipment, the control systems with Kalmar TLS software, the Navis N4 TOS, as well as project services that will support the terminal through the design and implementation phases.