Tuesday , 16 October 2018
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Nigerian terminal operators call for 24-hour service at ports

A Nigerian association of terminal operators has called for ports to operate 24 hours including on weekends and public holidays.

The Seaport Terminal Operators Association of Nigeria (STOAN) said in a statement that 24-hour port operation is needed to eliminate congestion and backlogs.

STOAN chairwoman Vicky Haastrup said: “It is in the higher interest of the larger port community that ports remain open every day for both ship and landside operations. Currently, the terminals are open for full operation on weekends and public holidays and many consignees take delivery of their cargo on such days”.

She continued: “Traffic, on the other hand, is lighter and the rush is not as bad as what it is on weekdays. So, we urge those who are not taking advantage of these days to do so.”

The lack of a 24-hour presence of clearing agents and customs officers has been blamed for inadequate cargo clearance.

However, many of those stakeholders have said that low levels of security make it difficult for them to operate safely 24 hours.