Friday , 24 January 2020
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Maritime security company CEO calls for more cooperation
MAST's CEO says more public-private sector cooperation is needed to preserve maritime security Credit: US Sixth Fleet

Maritime security company CEO calls for more cooperation

Phil Cable, CEO of leading maritime security company MAST, has called for more regional cooperation and acceptation of public-private partnerships to deal with global threats.

Speaking at a conference in Australia, he said: “Maritime crime is a problem that needs engagement from all players – government, law enforcement, the shipping industry and its associates which include the security industry.”

The need to regulate and police the maritime domain to tackle global threats is as pressing as ever according to Cable.

He stated that a “lack of  law and order” in certain parts of the world was the key factor behind a wide range of global threats including terrorism, piracy, illegal fishing, human trafficking and narcotics smuggling.

He said: “Many states lack the organisation, finance or will to police and manage their territorial waters or economic zone, or they are, like Yemen, Libya, or Somalia failed or near failed states thus creating a permissive environment for criminality.”

In his opinion, the Indian Ocean is “one of the safest oceans on the planet” but only because of action against piracy by international navies on patrol, Best Management Practices 4 (BMP4) and armed guards.

Cable explained that there are two main types of threats to shipping in South East Asia in the form of violent boardings/robberies and more sophisticated attacks whereby a vessel’s cargo is stolen. The threat in the Gulf of Guinea is dominated by boardings with the purpose of kidnapping crew members for ransom.