Tuesday , 14 August 2018
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Port of Tallinn seeks new leaders after corruption allegations

The supervisory board of the Port of Tallinn has announced it is looking for a new chairman of its management board.

Two members of its old management board, CEO Ain Kaljurand and his deputy Allan Kill resigned on August 27, 2015, after allegations of corruption were levelled against them and their homes and offices were searched by police.

The allegations relate to the awarding of a contract to build four ferries, which were built in Poland and Turkey.

They have been replaced on a temporary basis by CFO Marko Raid and lawyer Carri Ginter who have been tasked with cooperating with investigations into corruption and reviewing the port’s internal process and carrying out reforms if necessary.

In a joint statement, Raid and Glinter emphasised: “No suspicions have been submitted to any legal person including Port of Tallinn subsidiary companies.”

The chairman of the supervisory board Remo Holsmer stressed that the new chairman of the management board must have an “impeccable business reputation as passing a security check is necessary”.

The successful candidate will also have a knowledge of logistics, an ability to understand the management structures of the Estonian state and preferably a command of Estonian, English and Russian.