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Labour dispute hits SSA Marine’s Oakland terminal
Operations at the Oakland terminal were disrupted for the day

Labour dispute hits SSA Marine’s Oakland terminal

After management attempted to fire 22 of their colleagues, workers at SSA Marine’s Oakland terminal temporarily stopped or slowed down working on 28 March, 2016.

According to local reports, the problem started when management told workers to begin at 6.45 am, fifteen minutes earlier than usual.

When workers refused, management attempted to fire 22 of them and 44 others slowed down their work or stopped working altogether in protest.

Operations did not resume at the Oakland International Container Terminal (OICT) until the evening shift began. The dispute caused a long line of truck traffic to build up outside the terminal.

An arbitrator ruled that both SSA Marine and the striking workers had acted improperly. He ordered that the sacked workers be reinstated and paid for the day’s shift.

A spokesperson for the ILWU dockers’ union Craig Merrilees, told the San Jose Mercury: “The company wanted to change the workday and the start times, in violation of the contract. The company can’t just tear up the contract on its own.”

The following morning, the Port of Oakland said that heavy truck traffic was still affecting OICT and there was light traffic at the port’s other terminals.