Visy Oy to provide OCR solution for spreaders in Estonia

Visy Oy to provide OCR solution for spreaders in Estonia
TK Muuga has an annual capacity of 600,000 teu

Finnish gate automation provider Visy Oy has been awarded a contract to supply its optical character recognition (OCR) solution for spreaders to Transiidikeskuse (TK)’s container facilities at the Port of Tallin, Estonia.

The company will attach to the terminal’s spreaders its in-house developed imaging and OCR system TopView, which includes cameras capturing high-resolution images used for container code identification by OCR and damage inspection.

TopView will work in conjunction with the company’s Gate Operating System (GOS) and OCR applications to automate the facilities’ processes.

The system, which is compatible with cranes operating with single, twin, tandem and quad spreaders, will be able to identify boxes on the quay by capturing the two sets of container codes on the top of the boxes with a single event.  

If the cameras are placed on the outreach and backreach of a ship-to-shore (STS) crane, the company’s crane gate application will instead capture container codes from four locations on single and twin operations, and three locations on tandem and quad operations.

According to Visy, as the OCR hit rates are as high as systems with three as many cameras, the system’s cost of ownership is significantly reduced.

Petri Granroth, Visy’s general manager, said in a statement: “TopView significantly simplifies crane OCR applications and provides operators with damage inspection images of the top of containers without adding extra steps to terminal processes.

Granroth added that the company believes TopView will “revolutionise” container handling equipment OCR applications.

Erik Laidvee, TK’s CEO said in a statement: “Damage claims have historically been a big problem for us.

“TopView will save us time and money to discharge frivolous damage claims.”