Monday , 23 September 2019
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Liebherr launches new IT system for cranes

Liebherr has announced that it is launching a new IT system aimed at optimising cranes’ cargo handling performance and monitoring working progress.

The company’s new telematics system LiDAT smartAPP, which uses big data analytics, is able to analyse cranes’ performances to reveal trends, anomalies and bottlenecks.

The new system, which uses an online work cycle detection process to record the cranes’ specific values during their operation, transmits data in real time to the LiDAT server centre, where the values are then analysed.

The system displays the data and variables acquired as key performance indicators (KPIs) on devices such tablets and smartphones, with the results of the analysis being sent back to the crane drivers and shown on their displays.

According to a company statement, the new IT system is able to propose optimisation measures to increase efficiency and use the data acquired to create training scenarios on a simulator.

Liebherr claimed that the system can reveal if the crane is not positioned to make use of its full handling potential, suggest the ideal position and calculate the expected gain in turnover.

As the company added, the LiDAT smartApp system is also able to show calculated forecasts, including displaying the amount of hours until the vessel is unloaded.