Monday , 22 October 2018
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MSC to provide vessels for Liverpool2 trials
Liverpool2 will have a phased opening through the summer

MSC to provide vessels for Liverpool2 trials

The Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) has committed vessel support to Peel Ports in the trials of the company’s new facilities Liverpool2.

Berthing and marine trials, which started with MV MSC Nederland, will be followed by a variety of cargo handling tests throughout July and August this year, with four other MSC vessels being used during the trails.

In addition to the 3,007 TEU MV MSC Nederland, the 2,668 TEU MV MSC Santhya, 2,768 TEU MV MSC Koroni, 4,340 TEU MV MSC Sandra and 4,355 TEU MV MSC Alyssa will be used over the next two months.

The five ships operate on the two MSC services currently calling at Liverpool, the North West Continent feeder service and the Montreal Express service.

The former carries containerised cargo between Liverpool and global destinations via Antwerp and Le Havre, while the latter links Liverpool and NWC hub ports with the Canadian port of Montreal.

Liverpool2 is set to have a phased opening throughout the summer 2016, with the first landside phase scheduled to be fully operational by autumn this year.

Kelvin Wilden, operations director of MSC UK, said in a statement: “The port is integral to us (MSC) being able to offer our customers the widest port network of any line in the UK.”

Peel Ports recently completed construction work on weighbridges at the Port of Liverpool to help compliance with the new SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) amendments on container weighing.

The multi-lane, in-process capability, which involved the installation of multiple dynamic axle weighbridges at the terminal AutoGates, is linked with the terminal operating system (TOS) and is able to automatically provide a verified gross mass (VGM) record for the container.