Saturday , 20 October 2018
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Kalmar introduces new battery technology for forklift trucks

Finnish equipment manufacturer Kalmar has launched a new emissions-free lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technology for its range of 5-9 tonnes electric forklift trucks.

The Li-ion technology, which is already frequently used is products such as electric cars and consumer electronics, is claimed to offer significantly more advantages than the traditionally-used lead-acid batteries.

The new batteries, which are set to improve the forklifts’ productivity as they are able to be fast-charged during breaks in work, do not require frequent battery changes or additional batteries, thus eliminating the cost of replacing them.

Kalmar, which is one of cargo handling company Cargotec’s businesses, said in a statement that the batteries have a life three to five times longer than lead-acid batteries currently used in forklift trucks.

The company added that Li-ion batteries are cooler and waste less energy in overcharge.

As the manufacturer added, being emissions-free, the batteries eliminate the need for expensive acid-protected charging as they can be charged anywhere in the terminals.

Peter Ivarsson, director of sales and marketing of Kalmar’s forklift trucks division, said in a statement that the new Li-ion battery technology makes the company’s forklift trucks “even more attractive as investment”.