New tunnels for reefer container maintenance in Hamburg

New tunnels for reefer container maintenance in Hamburg
Staff can now access reefer containers on foot

Five tunnels which are required to maintain reefer containers, have gone into operation at Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG’s (HHLA) Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA).

This adds additional storage capacity equivalent to a quarter of a storage block at CTA.

The tunnels were built by Hamburger Container- und Chassis-Reparatur-Gesellschaft mbH (HCCR), a subsidiary of HHLA.

Previously, since maintenance staff required access to storage blocks to work on reefer containers, roadways had to be kept clear.

However, the tunnels now allow the space required for the roadways to be used for the storage of containers, with staff able to access reefer containers on foot.

Additional containers can be stored on top of the tunnels, which have a total length of 776 m.

Two of the tunnels stretch as far as the total length of a storage block, while the other three are just over half a storage block in length each. Eighty-eight containers were rebuilt and reinforced in the process.

Oliver Dux, managing director of CTA, said: “We need all available storage space, especially during peak loading times. With the additional capacity, we are in an even better position to be able to cover these peak loading times, which arise from the increasing number of large vessels, and offer our customers a high level of productivity.”

He also praised the HCCR for staying within the allocated budget. The construction work came to a total of approximately €1.5m (US$1.7m).