Wednesday , 16 October 2019
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Terex to deliver new crane to Genoa

Terex Port Solutions (TPS) has announced that one Terex Gottwald Model 8 mobile harbor crane will start operations in Spinelli S.r.l’s terminal at the Port of Genoa, Italy.

The crane, which will be delivered in the G HMK 8610 two-rope variant, will be the largest crane from TPS operational in Italy.

According to the manufacturer, the crane is expected to help Spinelli meet increasing demands for loading and unloading ships with containers stacked high on deck.

The new crane features a maximum lifting capacity of 150 tonnes, up to 56 m outreach and maximum lifting speeds of 100 m/min.

The unit, which features a boom pivot point height of 29.2 m and a crane operator eye level of 32.4 m, has a tower extension to be able to serve the latest generations of large ships.

Spinelli’s order also included two twin-lift spreaders with lifting capacity of 60 tonnes each, allowing the terminal operator to handle two 20 ft containers weighing 30 tonnes each at the same time.

The crane will be equipped with an efficient diesel generator set for on-board power generation, with the rotary lead-through between the crane chassis and superstructure being prepared for operation on the terminal’s on-shore power supply to benefit from external power resources becoming available in future.

A statement by TPS read: “Using external power sources increases the energy efficiency of the crane, prevents exhaust emissions in the terminal and reduces noise emissions. If the external power is generated by renewable energy sources, the crane can be seen as part of a complete green energy chain.”

The new crane, which will also handle general cargo, will also be able to handle heavy project cargo due to its high lifting capacity.