Monday , 23 September 2019
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Port of Philadelphia’s container capacity to double

A US$300m investment in the Port of Philadelphia is expected to at least double its container capacity.

The investment project, which will include funding for the port’s infrastructure, warehousing and equipment, is set to start in 2017 with completion scheduled for 2020.

Approximately US$200m of the total investment will be invested in the Port of Philadelphia’s largest maritime facility, the Packer Avenue Marine Terminal.

The projects to be carried out at the terminal include the purchase of four new electric post-Panamax container cranes, the construction of new warehouses and the relocation of existing ones to facilitate container growth, and a deeper 45 ft depth at the terminal’s marginal berths to match the new 45 ft depth of the Delaware River’s main channel.

Electrification throughout the facility will also be modernised to support electrification of existing diesel cranes and cold ironing capabilities, which allow powering without the need for ships to burn fuel while docked.

Additionally, the terminal’s operator Astro Holdings will purchase a post-Panamax crane for facility and will dedicate the Holt-owned 40-acre “Publicker” site located next to the terminal for container growth through Packer Avenue Marine Terminal.

According to the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority (PRPA), thanks to these projects cargo-handling capacity at the terminal will at least be doubled, with container handling capacity going the current 400,000 teu to 900,000 teu immediately following the improvements, and to over 1.2m teu in the future.

In the meantime, a project to deepen the Delaware main shipping channel from 40 ft to 45 ft  will be completed.

The project, together with the recently expanded Panama Canal, will allow larger, deeper-draft container vessels to reach the port and be handled by the Packer Avenue Marine Terminal.