Saturday , 25 January 2020
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New Germany-Italy intermodal connection launches
Stena Line will operate a sea connection between Kiel and Goteborg

New Germany-Italy intermodal connection launches

Logistics company Ekol has started a new direct train connection between the ports of Kiel, Germany, and Trieste, Italy.

The news follows the company’s recent acquisition of a majority stake in Trieste’s multipurpose facility EMT Terminal.

The train connection, which is the first from the Port of Trieste to link the Baltic-Adriatic Corridor, will initially be operated once a week in both directions, with the train departing from Trieste every Wednesday and arriving at Kiel’s Schwedenkai the following day.

The trains are set to transport mega trailers, containers and swap bodies, with a transit time of 26 hours for a distance of 1,360 km.

Following a trial phase, the connection is expected to operate in regular service starting from after Easter, with the schedule potentially being extended to two arrivals and departures per week at every destination depending on demand.

Ekol is also set to offer a new sea connection between Kiel and Goteborg, Sweden, operated by Stena Line.

Wilfried Klein, Ekol’s project development manager, said: “The train connection arriving in Kiel will be able to forward shipments to other regions, like e.g. Goteborg which can be delivered starting from Friday morning. At the same time, we can deliver to other destinations in Northern Germany and Denmark by road starting from Friday morning.”