Saturday , 25 May 2019
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Georgia and Virginia ports to enter agreement

The port authorities of Georgia and Virginia have filed for a US East Coast agreement amid the increase in calls from larger vessels following the expansion of the Panama Canal.

The East Coast Gateway Terminal Agreement is expected to help increasing efficiency of the ports by encouraging a voluntary cooperation in the areas of operational and supply chain efficiencies, safety, communications and customer service.

Under the agreement, which the port authorities have filed with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) to create, all-water routes from the US East Coast to the international marketplace via the Panama Canal will also be promoted.

Additional cooperation will include the acquisition and use of joint marketing materials and the sharing of best practices in areas such as terminal operating systems (TOS), training, cargo handling, access, turn-times and infrastructure.

Virginia Ports Authority (VPA)’s CEO and executive director John Reinhart and Georgia Port Authority (GPA)’s executive director Griff Lynch said in a joint statement: “Increasingly, our customers are seeking gateway ports on the East Coast that can leverage sufficient landside infrastructure to ensure the free flow of cargo.

“The states of Georgia and Virginia have made the necessary investments to prepare for this new era in global trade. The East Coast Gateway Terminal Agreement is an innovative collaboration that will allow us to find new ways to become more efficient and effective.”