Saturday , 25 May 2019
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Liebherr delivers new LHM 800 cranes to Montevideo

Liebherr Maritime Cranes has completed a four-year project to design, build and install two customised mobile harbour cranes (MHCs) for Montecon, a terminal operator at the Port of Montevideo in Uruguay.

According to Liebherr, the two LHM 800 units, which the company claimed are the biggest MHCs in the world, were developed at Montecon’s request as there were no cranes of this type big enough to handle the largest ships.

The terminal operator charged Liebherr with the design and creation of two MHCs able to reach up to 22 rows of containers.

The machines, which feature a lifting capacity of up to 308 tonnes, that is 100-tonnes greater than the company’s LHM 600 series, were first launched in 2015.

The units, which have an outreach of 64 m and a fulcrum point of 36 m, hoist and lower boxes at a rate of 120 m per minute, allowing lifts of 38 boxes per hour to be achieved in standard configuration.

This goes up to 45 boxes per hour when the crane is equipped with Liebherr’s hybrid power booster Pactronic®.

The two new units join two LHM 500s and three LHM 600s from Liebherr already in operation at Montecon’s facility. The terminal is also equipped with Gottwald’s HMK 280 and HMK 6407.