Monday , 22 October 2018
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Navis launches N4 3.4

Navis has launched the latest version of its flagship terminal operating system (TOS) N4.

N4 3.4 includes new features and enhancements in the areas of automation and optimisation; scalability and platform consolidation; performance, upgrades and support; and administrative processing.

The new system is expected to allow customers to handle greater container volumes in a more stable and scalable platform environment, providing reduced downtime and maintenance costs, and access to real time information on operations status and performance.

The TOS feature automated horizontal transport improvements including enhanced equipment optimisation modules to reduce waiting times in terminals, maximise fleet utilisation and increase performance.

New features also include a system health monitoring solution aimed at reducing potential outage time through the early detection of critical failures and the quick generation of alerts.

The company will use enterprise open source monitoring solution Zabbix as its primary application monitoring tool.

Additional improvements include the complete integration of Intrablock Decking with all allocations, allowing better yard optimisation when decking containers within N4.

The new system also features an in-place fall back solution and rolling upgrades to improve the reliability of the upgrade process and reduce downtime and risk.

The company is offering an externalised capability to fall back on as a last resort due to upgrade complications, which is available to customers upgrading from previous versions including 2.3-2.5, 2.6, and 3.1.

The new terminal system is the second release delivered through the company’s Agile development approach, which includes frequent “sprints” to increase the pace while investing in testing strategy and technology.

According to the company, the new agile methodology results in continuous integration and in the ability to self-correct.

Scott Holland, vice president of Global Product Management at Navis, said: “Our journey to deliver best-in-class supply chain products continues with N4 3.4, and as we learn from previous versions and solicit customer feedback, we continue to find new ways to simplify processes and remove friction between users and N4, ultimately improving business outcomes for our customers.

“At the same time, we have our eyes on the future, and have started to define the N4 optimisation features that our customers will need in the years to come.”