Tuesday , 21 May 2019
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TGI launches new geolocalisation of equipment product

TGI Maritime Software has launched TGIBOX to help maritime terminals track their container handling equipment in real-time.

The French-made product works with most types and brands of container handling equipment including reachstackers, straddle carriers and others. It can also interface with a variety of terminal operating systems.

In a statement, a TGI spokesperson said: “This solution seeks to intelligently streamline yard resources and to manage efficiently, quickly and safely picking and placing of containers.”

The product works through a central TGIBOX communicating in real-time with the TGIBOX on each piece of equipment.

The central box is able to gather the position of each container on the yard at the time of spreader locking and unlocking and send that information to the terminal operating system.

The data is transmitted by WiFi or narrowband network – the format of this can be adapted for an individual terminal’s requirements.