Thursday , 19 September 2019
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Gaussin and Didrivers to cooperate on robotisation
The Autonomous Prime Mover

Gaussin and Didrivers to cooperate on robotisation

Gaussin Manugistique and Didrivers have signed a cooperation contract which will propose solutions in the field of robotics and natural navigation.

The purpose of this agreement is to meet growing worldwide demand for autonomous flow in public and private areas.

Didrivers are a subsidiary of the Digirobotics groups and its goal is to provide autonomous solutions using 3D print technologies.

This collaboration will mean completion of a range of electrical vehicles the first of which was presented at TOC Europe.  The truck which was presented is the world’s first autonomous electric truck: the Autonomous Prime Mover (APM).

It is the first Gaussin tractor to benefit from a robotic system which provides the vehicle with autonomous driving, meaning with or without a driver. In automatic mode it relies on natural navigation and no longer requires traditional equipment and infrastructure.

This asset will not only be applicable to future vehicles but can also be used to convert existing vehicles.  The existing fleets of the traditional material take off (MTO) activity and fleets working with competing brands in the port, airport and logistics sectors will be part of this target market.

MTO refers to a materials with quantities and types that are necessary to build a designed structure.

There is a call for tender for 243 APM tractors in the 3rd quarter 2017 from DP World in Dubai.  The contract between Gaussin and Digirobotics will mean the mutual distribution of products from both companies in order to create synergies.