Tuesday , 21 January 2020
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North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven upgrades to Navis N4

North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven GmbH & Co. (NTB) has successfully upgraded from Navis Express to the N4 terminal operating system (TOS).

The terminal went live with N4 3.1 earlier this year without disruption to operations according to the software developer.

The facility has achieved 30 moves per hour on average, although it hopes this level of productivity that the terminal expects will steadily increase following the migration to N4.

Marc Dieterich, general manager of operations at NTB, said: “N4 is the most advanced and widely-used terminal system on the market; we never considered another provider when tasked with migrating from Navis SPARCS and Express.”

He further praised the functionality, data quality and advanced analytics capabilities of the TOS.

Beginning in November 2015, the 15-person NTB project team worked jointly with Navis to migrate the SPARCS 3.7 and Express 2.9 systems to N4.

NTB, which handles 3.2m teu annually, is a dedicated site for Maersk Line. Transhipment comprises 65% of its cargo whereas local imports and exports for European markets make up the remaining 35%.