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Deal seals end of Spanish strikes

Unions have called off strikes at Spanish ports after reaching a deal with employers to ensure that jobs are protected once labour reforms are implemented. Anesco, the employers’ association has agreed to guarantee the jobs of Spain’s 6,000 stevedores and unchanged working conditions during the three-year transition to the liberalised port labour market. Unions have accepted wage reductions of “up ... Read More »

Gaussin and Didrivers to cooperate on robotisation

The Autonomous Prime Mover

Gaussin Manugistique and Didrivers have signed a cooperation contract which will propose solutions in the field of robotics and natural navigation. The purpose of this agreement is to meet growing worldwide demand for autonomous flow in public and private areas. Didrivers are a subsidiary of the Digirobotics groups and its goal is to provide autonomous solutions using 3D print technologies. ... Read More »