Saturday , 25 January 2020
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CML completes its first rail freight delivery from China

Freight forwarder CML has successfully completed its first rail freight delivery from China to the UK, citing its lower cost to air freight and faster speed than sea.

CML decided to utilise rail freight following a request to transport heavy weight, high value production parts for a client that was faced with a production line stop, had the goods not arrived within 28 days.

The 4,957 mile journey along parts of the old Silk Road from Shenyang in China to Duisburg in Germany took 18 days to complete, nearly two weeks quicker when compared to general far-east sea freight.

CML’s Freight Operations Manager, Pat Treanor, said: “When our client came to us to find out whether we were able to find a form of transport that was not only able to move heavy weight, high value production parts, but also within a certain time frame, rail freight provided us with the best option.

“By using rail freight, we found a middle ground between cost and speed of delivery.”

CML has subsequently booked three additional rail freight containers for this client.