Friday , 24 January 2020
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New warehouse inaugurated at Luka Koper

Luka Koper has inaugurated a new multipurpose warehouse on Pier II in the Port of Koper.

The new warehouse, which as a total surface area of 16,000 sq m, is formed by two halls that can either store cereals or fodder, or various heavy goods, such as metal coils, steel profiles or bars.

Since this type of cargo must not be exposed to the weather, a canopy was set up next to each of the eight automatic doors.

During the construction which lasted one year, 5,000 cu m of concrete were used, equivalent to the volume of two Olympic-size swimming pools.

In the course of construction, 4,000 tonnes of steel were applied which, if rolled into rails, would be sufficient for 40 km of railway line.

The value of the investment which will comprise also the upgrade of the existing berth next to the silo and the construction of a new berth in the southern section of Pier II (the construction will gradually proceed in phases by 2022) has been estimated at €42m (US$49m).

This is one of the four key investments included in the strategic business plan 2016-2020, which together with the investment in facilities for containers, cars and liquid cargo (successfully terminated last year) total €300m (US$352m).

It is the first closed warehouse to be built at the port since the general cargo warehouse was put into service in 2006.