Tuesday , 14 August 2018
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APMT Gothenburg announces new labour pool
Henrik Kristensen, managing director of APMT Gothenburg

APMT Gothenburg announces new labour pool

APM Terminals (APMT) Gothenburg has signed an agreement with staffing agency Adecco to hire temporary personnel to address adhoc extra staffing needs at peak times.

Until now, the facility has been involved in an arrangement known in Sweden as the Blixtsystem, in which additional personnel were shared with three other port facilities in Gothenburg.

APMT Gothenburg managing director, Henrik Kristensen, said: “The main work carried out at our container terminal will continue to be performed by our permanent staff.

“But this collaboration with Adecco enables us to increase reliability and flexibility during those times when we require extra staffing to handle our customer requests in a faster, more responsive, customised manner.”

Over 300 people are currently employed temporarily on an hourly basis in the Blixtsystem, which is shared by APMT, Logent Ports & Terminals and Gothenburg Ro/Ro Terminal in the Port of Gothenburg.

According to the terminal operator, All the Blixtsystem workers will be given the opportunity to apply for employment in Adecco’s staffing pool, which will also be open to new recruits.

APMT’s involvement in the Blixtsystem will cease at the end of the year.

Adecco Group will handle the recruiting and payroll of the temporary staff working at the terminal.