Wednesday , 15 August 2018
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Port of Antwerp joins plastic reduction initiative

The Port of Antwerp has joined a programme to organise measures for keeping the loss of pellets to a minimum, in an effort to keep plastic out of the environment.

Plastic products are made from polymers, usually delivered in the form of small pellets, and Antwerp is the main polymer hub in Europe for the production, handling and distribution of plastic pellets.

Companies that join the ‘Operation Clean Sweep’ programme aim to prevent litter materials getting into the marine environment by trying to achieve zero pellet loss.

Port alderman Marc Van Peel said: “Sustainable enterprise is now deep in the genes of our port companies.

“The fact that all players in the polymer logistics chain are prepared to take part in this programme is key to its success: collaboration gives the best guarantee of obtaining good results.”

The ‘Zero Pellet Loss’ initiative is being organised by Antwerp Port Authority, essenscia (federation of the chemical, plastics and life sciences industries), Voka Chamber of Commerce Antwerp-Waasland: Industry Platform and Alfaport, and PlasticsEurope.

According to the port authority,  weekly monitoring will be done to discover the places where plastics can be found in the environment, so that the pollution can be traced to its source and action taken to prevent it.

An incident manager will keep watch on pollution and take action to clear it up whenever necessary and the costs of all this will be shared among the various participants.

The participants have also set up a consultative platform to exchange best practices for making the plastics sector more sustainable.