San Juan back to 84% capacity following Hurricane Maria

San Juan back to 84% capacity following Hurricane Maria

The Port of San Juan is running at an average of 84% capacity in terms of containers leaving the port, according to the Puerto Rico Shippers Association (PRSA).

The port had to close for four days following the arrival of Hurricane Maria, which decimated the small Caribbean island.

Operations are now normalising and the port is functioning 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Carlos Rentas of the PRSA told CM: “The mileage we have to go is dependent on electric power and the opening of the main distributors in Puerto Rico who receive the merchandise.

“The electric power authority are saying it will take two to three weeks to get power back, but I think that’s probably the best case scenario.

“Once the largest importers are ready to receive, whether its physical or electrical problems they are having, then we’ll be back to normal.”

Containers leaving the port are dependent on those leaving, and there are currently around 4,000 containers on the port, which Rentas said is a back log of approximately three days.

Rentas also said that operations outside of the port are also normalising: “I wouldn’t say the roads are normal, but capacity is upwards of 80%.

“The work of the truckers is back to normal, it just all depends on the availability and capacity of the large importer now.”

Crowley, which operates a terminal in San Juan, has offloaded cargo from more than 20 vessels since the hurricane hit as part of the FEMA relief effort.

The operator’s logistics group also has more than 375 trucks being used for distribution operations on the island.