Wednesday , 19 September 2018
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New government makes Auckland port re-location more likely
Ports of Auckland could be moved out of the city centre

New government makes Auckland port re-location more likely

A general election in New Zealand has increased the chances of Auckland port being re-located outside of the city centre.

In a close election, the Labor Party has formed a government with the New Zealand First party.

New Zealand First is led by Winston Peters, a key proponent of turning the current port site into homes and moving freight and cruise operations to an alternative site – such as Northpoint.

Auckland Council’s planning committee recently called for further studies into the cost of a move and existing constraint issues.

This came after a Council-commissioned report by Ernst and Young found that, on the current footprint, the port will not be able to handle all the freight and cruise traffic that is expected in the long-term.

Ports of Auckland is owned by the Council and operates the port including its 1.6m teu Fergusson Container Terminal.

While the council is looking at several options on where to locate it, Winston Peters favours turning the existing port of Northport into a ‘mega port’. Northport is a two-hour drive north of Auckland.