Monday , 23 September 2019
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Navis joins automation taskforce

Navis and a number of other organisations from across the supply chain have teamed up to explore automated solutions for the container market.

Navis was joined by Microsoft China, terminal equipment manufacturer Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries (ZPMC) and infrastructure advisory firm Moffat & Nichol at ZPMC’s Smart Terminal Solutions forum, where the group formed to outline its approach.

Mark Welles, vice president and general manager, Asia Pacific, of Navis said: ““The joint taskforce … has the potential to further extend Navis’ footprint and involvement in a majority of the world’s automated projects, including sites that are just getting started, as well as those like Qingdao Qianwan Container Terminal (QQCTN)  on the cutting edge of terminal innovation.

“While much has been achieved to date, our experience tells us that the collective industry as a whole still faces challenges ahead in order to achieve the full potential offered by automation.”

The taskforce will be supported by the China Communications Construction Company, which has experience in construction terminals, and will also hope to take advantage of China’s Belt and Road initiative.

Together the four members bring a wealth of experience and products, namely Navis’ N4 terminal operating system and XVELA cloud-based platform, and ZPMC’s One-Stop Solution.