Tuesday , 16 October 2018
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Noatum Bilbao orders two Kalmar RMGs

Noatrum Container Terminal Bilbao has ordered two rail-mounted gantry cranes (RMGs) for intermodal operation from Kalmar.

The RMGs will be delivered during the first half of 2019 and will be used for intermodal operations at the railyard which contains four train tracks, five container stacking rows and a service lane for road trucks.

Elvira Gallego Uribe, Terminal Manager at Noatum Container Terminal Bilbao commented: “We chose Kalmar’s RMG solution because it can be customised to meet our precise business needs. We have firsthand experience of Kalmar’s excellent delivery capabilities and their reliable rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTGs) that are currently in use at our terminal.

“Kalmar’s expertise in port equipment and their new customisable range of RMGs convinced us to continue our cooperation with them. These new cranes replacing our old RMGs are significantly faster, more reliable and future proofed for efficient railyard operation, improving and increasing the security of workers involved in the operations and the containers operated on behalf of our customers.”

Ismo Matinlauri, Vice President, Solutions Sales and Marketing at Kalmar, commented: “We are happy to announce this very first Kalmar RMG delivery for the intermodal segment. By introducing new equipment at their terminal, Noatum Container Terminal Bilbao will have the opportunity to operate their new cranes remotely.

“This will improve the efficiency and safety of their operations and support the customer’s commitment to sustainability. This order is a significant step in terms of strengthening our successful relationship with Noatum and helping them build a pathway towards more efficient terminal operation in the future. It is an excellent example of how our RMG technology can enable smooth and efficient renewal of brownfield site operation.”

Kalmar will deliver two single-cantilever RMG cranes equipped with a rotating trolley and Bromma YSX45E spreader for single container handling with rated load of 41 tons. The delivery will also contain Kalmar Terminal Logistics System (TLS) automation for supervised remote control.

Noatum Container Terminal Bilbao has currently altogether nine Kalmar RTGs operating their import and export traffic at the terminal. They have been one of the first users of Kalmar SmartRail automated gantry steering solution for RTGs that improves safety and operator performance.