Barcelona invests in electric cars and vans

Barcelona invests in electric cars and vans
Sixte Cambra and Jose Alberto Carbonell with the electric vehicles

The Port of Barcelona has invested about €926,000 (US$1.1m) on electric vehicles and charging points.

The port has incorporated vehicles with electric motors into the port fleet and installed charging infrastructure, both for the port fleet and other electric vehicles which use the port area.

The additions to the port fleet are 25 pure electric units, 17 Nissan Leaf cars and eight Nissan vans, and six electric BMW scooters for the port police have been rented. There are also three plug-in hybrid vehicle (VW Passat Hybrid) which have been rented.

Sixte Cambra, President of the Port of Barcelona, highlighted the importance of this set of actions: “As a public entity, we want to promote sustainability with concrete initiatives, such as those we are presenting today, and we want to be leaders so that other entities and companies in the Port Community can join this change”.

These measures are designed to minimise the damage the port does to the air quality of Barcelona.